Redfoot’s Fringe Debut a Triumph

Redfoot’s Fringe Debut a Triumph
February 25, 2015 Redfoot Youth Theatre


Posted: February 25, 2015

While we may have already finished our appearance at the 2015 Fringe World Festival, it appears our presence in the festival was not soon forgotten. The Fringe World 2015 Awards were announced recently and our production of The Greatest Children’s Story Ever Written was named the winner of the Best Children’s Event Award for Western Australia!

Whilst many students spend the Summer holidays away from their schools, the 24 cast members spent several weeks creating and then rehearsing the show. What made this production so unique was the magnificent venue, St George’s Cathedral in Perth. During the two weeks of performances, many children and their families sat in awe as the interior of the Cathedral was transformed into a production. With minimal props, the imagination of the audience was expanded upon by engaging them with close proximity acting, the space between actor and audience was in many instances only centimetres.

When the actors weren’t performing, they hit the streets of the city, spruiking the show and promoting the free event with pop up performances in the malls, all around Forrest Chase and the Perth Cultural Centre. Danny Parker, Director of Drama said that “Redfoot’s involvement with the Fringe World event was an amazing experience for the actors. It is a genuine performance experience, well removed from their school setting and familiar audiences. Being in the public domain allowed the cast to get a real world feel for their craft, and to win this award is testament to all involved.”

We’re not done yet though! With such success behind our first Fringe appearance, it may well become a staple part of our yearly programme. We are honoured to receive this award and look forward to future festivals.