Working with the Pros

Working with the Pros
February 26, 2015 Redfoot Youth Theatre


Posted: February 26, 2015

Film Club members have hit the ground running this year, with preparations already underway for them to produce Redfoot’s first short film! Throughout the year, the young filmmakers will be learning and working in all areas of film production, with their efforts culminating in the finished short film all while being mentored by industry professionals. Their production will then go on to be assessed for festival entry, with hopes they can claim the top spot.

To kick off their filmmaking journey, the boys have begun brainstorming and writing ideas for scripts. As a special treat, Western Australian cinematographer Andrew Murphy was invited in to give the aspiring filmmakers an in-depth look into the world of cinematography. Mr Murphy has worked on a number of local short films and documentaries, including a substantial body of work for Perth production company Deftone Digital Productions while working alongside workshop leader Taran Dunn. With many of the boys aspiring to be cinematographers themselves, they were thrilled to be in the presence of a professional and seized the opportunity to learn as much as possible.

In the first of two cinematography workshops, Mr Murphy guided the students through a number of performance scenarios exploring with them the impact of composition, movement and visual trickery on the big screen. The boys were given the opportunity to operate professional equipment and got to experience first-hand just how complex filmmaking can be.

The experience doesn’t end there however, with Mr Murphy returning after the Labour Day long weekend for the second session looking at even more complex techniques and the art of cinema lighting. With the skills learned in these workshops, the boys will go on to create the look of their short film, and move into full scale production before the semester is over!

If you’d like to see some of Mr Murphy’s short film work, be sure to check out Deftone Digital Production’s YouTube channel. Viewer discretion is advised though, as some of their shorts contain violence or coarse language.