A Redfoot short film
Production closed

In a dystopian, post-world Australia, people are forced to live in checkpoints in order to survive. In Checkpoint 12, Aidan Oliver is learning to deal with the aftermath of a world that’s lost its way, and the deadly consequences of his own authority. When a group of new survivors arrive, they bring with them the untold horrors of the new world, and with his family and his home under threat, Aidan must find something left to live for.

Please note: this film is not yet rated, but is recommended by Hale for people aged 15+ (those younger should be accompanied by a parent or guardian). It contains mature themes, moderate violence and occasional course language.

7.00pm, Wed Jun 28

8.00pm, Thurs Jun 29
8.00pm, Fri Jun 30

VENUE     MDC Auditorium
DURATION     37 minutes
     Ages 15+